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After three fantastic years and 28 issues we can be proud of, Mosaic Minds is shutting down operations. We've had a really good run--much longer and more successful than we ever dreamed!--but with the growing demands of family life and other pursuits it's time to end our little project.

We want to heartily thank every single one of our readers, writers and supporters. We wouldn't have lasted two issues if it wasn't for you.

We'll be keeping the Mosaic Minds site up and available for viewing so if you need a fix of good writing, search through our archives and you'll surely find something worth reading. Also, I would like to invite our contributors to contact me and let me know when you have a writing success story. We'd love to give you some press and I'm sure our readers would like to follow the careers of our MM writers. With the immense talent represented in MM, I know there will surely be plenty of writer updates in the months and years to come.

If you have questions or comments you can still reach me at editorATmosiacmindsDOTnet.

Thanks for three great years!

Author: Carrie on 09-05-07 13:18:44

Dreams and Nightmares

Welcome to the Dreams and Nightmares issue of Mosaic Minds! As always, we've been working hard to bring you thoughtful, fun, and inspiring stories from the hearts of writers around the globe.

We are pleased to have Kristie Kelso Rothstein join our staff as our new poetry editor. This issue's poetry section is well worth the read thanks to her hard work and a slew of excellent submissions from our contributors.

With an eye to the holidays, Sapphire Wire details an excellent holiday gift idea that will have grandparents singing your praises on high. Clear Conscience gives a simple way to help clear your conscience this holiday season while Leaning Green has great book recommendations for starting kids down an environmentally friendly path.

Of course, there's much more to be found within these electronic pages, so stop reading this and start clicking (but only after you take a peek at the future themes over on the right side of the page. Contributions are always very appreciated, as are masthead submissions.)!

Author: Carrie on 30-11-06 21:21:14

A Fine Line

Welcome to the A Fine Line issue of Mosaic Minds! As always, we have a wide selection of writing to help you while away your time at the computer, so sit back and enjoy. I know most of you read our features on a regular basis, but have you checked out our Gallimaufry section? We've got several excellent columnists writing about a variety of subjects. If you haven't been reading them you've been missing out.

Our staffers and contributors love to hear from you, so if you read something you like (or don't like) please feel free to let us know on our forum.

Our contributors are the heart and soul of Mosaic Minds so please considering submitting a personal essay, short story or piece of poetry for our next issue. The theme is Dreams and Nightmares, though only personal essays need reflect the theme. All submissions should be sent in by November 15.

Author: Kisha on 14-10-06 21:22:32

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